What is AgarFund Crowdfunding website?

With our platform- Agarfund.com, Peoples can raise funds for their charity or individual and group causes easily   through tell their story, produce a quick video and benefit from having everything in one centralized location where potential backers can find them in all over the world. It’s a place to build traction and social proof.

Non-profit organizations are a key component in our society as they pick up the slack that the private and public sector do not. They often bring the community together in a unique niche. These niches are not often very profitable, so finding investors is generally very difficult. Luckily, people have banded together to create non-profit organizations to complete these tasks.

However, the lack of profitability and government subsidies often means that non-profit organizations are highly dependent on individual contributions from supporters of their given cause.

Consequently, it is of vital importance to a non-profit to maximize their audience to acquire the most extensive following for any given project. This is where Crowdfunding becomes a highly advantageous tool for non-profit entities to raise awareness and money.

Many charity organizations and civil societies constantly look for ways to improve their nonprofit fundraising efforts. Encouraging supporters to give more while trying to open new donor pipelines is a daily challenge that many charitable organizations struggle to find solutions for. This has caused many charities to get creative and turn to alternative methods of generating money to help achieve its organizational mission.

One of these new and ground breaking ideas is crowd funding, i.e. the idea of using the Internet to rake in small donation amounts from vast numbers of people. Typically, people are encouraged to help an organization or individual reach a set financial goal in a fixed amount of time in support of a particular cause or movement.

The success of Crowdfunding has caused many nonprofits to add the strategy to their fundraising cache. The ease in which is it can be implemented and the relative speeds in which financial contributions come in make it an attractive option. Additionally, it also requires much less of a financial investment on the front end which helps to maximize the total giving amount.

Hence, we believe that our help can truly make a difference for civil societies or charities who would otherwise have difficulty, for whatever reason, with spreading the word and the goals of their organization.

Just join AgarFund and start your next move towards reaching the unreached!

We believe that we can make a difference in collective giving since one’s surplus is other’s dream.