Things to know about AgarFund fundraising portal

AgarFund can be used by Charity and civil societies Organization to raise funds from the public and other supporters. Individuals or groups can also create donation portals linked to charity organization or for a Public Causes such as Disaster Recovery, for Medical Expenses, for Sport clubs and projects, Spiritual and Faith related supports and startups can generate for their entrepreneurial projects.

AgarFund is a home for funding your small or big Charity dreams. Our mission is to help ease the burden of raising funds for your charity project or causes, bringing your dreams to fruition. AgarFund supports each dream (Project or Charitable Cause) created by individuals or organizations. AgarFund in its capacity has tried to curtail all avenues of fraud and mismanagement of funds raised, making sure all funds are used for the designated cause/charity/project.

AgarFund will support Fund Raisers to ensure their big dream is met using the “AgarFund” supervisory framework and ubiquitous advice at any time and situations.

AgarFund allows users to create their own website with which they raise money. During this process, fund raisers can describe their fundraising cause and the amount they hope to raise, and upload photos or video. Those who donate can also leave comments on the website in support of the project.

We believe that our help can truly make a difference for civil societies or charities who would otherwise have difficulty, for whatever reason, with spreading the word and the goals of their organization.

Just join AgarFund and start your next move towards reaching the unreached!
We also believe that we can make a difference in collective giving since one’s surplus is other’s dream.