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Treatment of cancer needs to continue to save the lives of many children with cancer even at this life threatening COVID-19 pandemic time. Childhood cancer is curable but it needs to be treated and cared for.  TAPCCO need support to help the children stay in treatment and need very special care as they are one of the group that have very low immunity due to chemotherapy. When all focus is diverted to COVID-19 equally life threatening diseases should not be forgotten.

Support Children with Cancer getting treatment in TAPCCO in the era of COVID-19 Pandemic

by Sara Ibrahim

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Seba Dereja, Piassa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sara Ibrahim

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Cancer in Children is curable given that it is treated properly. Our organization support children with cancer to complete their treatment and get cured.  Cancer treatment by its nature takes from six month to five years. Tesfa Addis Parents Childhood Cancer Organization (TAPCCO) gives psychosocial support to children and parents that are getting treatment at Tikur Anbessa General Specialized Hospital, Jimma Hospital, Ayder Mekele Hospital and Gondar Hospital. TAPCCO is a local non-profitable organization established in 2012 by volunteer parents that saved their children from cancer. At our center we have currently over 400 people getting help in different aspects. These include accommodation, nutrition, counseling, medicine support, and transportation services. These supports were given through help of various bodies from abroad and locally, currently due to the occurrence of COVID-19 pandemic the support is dwindling and the treatment of cancer cannot be stopped. To support these patients TAPCCO needs monthly of 80,000 Birr for all its program activities excluding administrative cost. The most urgent need we have is intercity transportation, rent for accommodation, and nutrition. Each day the patients and parents go to the hospital the organization has arranged for a bus costing 13,000 Birr per month. Rent for the two accommodations in Addis and Jimma are 20,000 Birr per month. Nutrition expense comes to 40,000 Birr per month as we provide quality food to the children and parents in the two programs Addis Ababa and Jimma. TAPCCO is now in great need of any help to support the children stay in treatment and see a better day. No child should die from cancer.

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Hiwot Asefa 100.00ETB May 12, 2020
Yitayewe Solomon 100.00ETB May 12, 2020


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