The CrowdFunding and Donation portal can be used by Charity Organization to raise funds from the public and other supporters. Individuals or groups also can create donation portals linked to charity organization or for a Public Causes such as Disaster Recovery, for Medical Expenses, for Sport clubs and projects, Spiritual and Faith related supports, for startups Entrepreneurs and more.
Please refer to campaign categories for details here

The Crowd Funding and Donation portal is a free and easy way to raise fund. We provide a safe and secure platform for collection fund from Direct Bank transfer , YenePay , and Swift currently. So you are free to do the campaign without the hassle of fund collection in easy way ever.

Registration is available for free by clicking on the Login icon on the home page and sign up if it’s your first time. Otherwise, just sign in easily.

Yes, corporate or governmental organization can organize campaign and use the platform for collecting donation. Please contact for details.

We try to make the use of the platform very easy and straightforward, however if you need clarification on how to use the platform or would like to adapt the service for a specific use case then please contact the team at or call to line ……or send your message using chat box.

Fundraising is not just a means of raising money, but also a way to promote the message and goals of a charity. Given enough time and funds, a charity has the potential to go global. It ensures that the charity can continue funding and helping its cause. Hence Agar fund aims to bridge this gar in Ethiopia and serves as trusted crowd funding website for chartable organizations and individuals in need.
If you run or are even just a member of a charity, then you understand what fundraising is. Essentially, fundraising is a campaign that can take several forms, designed to raise money for a chosen charity. Fundraising is the core part of a charity and is an incredibly important thing for a charity to undertake.
After all, without the goals being clearly explained and set out, nobody would want to donate. However, gaining funds is obviously important to the continued survival of a charity. Without funds, a charity simply cannot continue to promote itself or its chosen cause. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations who require public funds to continue operating. Fundraising goes beyond survival, however, and with enough funds, a charity can spread itself across a wider area. Given enough time and funds, a charity has the potential to go global. It ensures that the charity can continue funding and helping its cause,
As such, we pride ourselves on delivering a fully comprehensive online web based fundraising solution to all of our clients in need in Ethiopia. We want to ensure that our clients don’t just survive but thrive in the current economic climate with the help of the public. We work with charities of all sizes and of all causes. We believe that our help can truly make a difference for charities who would otherwise have difficulty, for whatever reason, with spreading the word and the goals of their organization.
Just join Agarfund and start your next move towards reaching the unreached!

All Campaign creators can only access the fund as per their campaign end method selection during campaign registration or if the target amount is reached before the target date.