We seek a Vision to Change Lives through Collective Giving

We believe every body has its own strength and weakness. But no one wish some body be in danger. So creating this platform will make supporting easy.

AgarFund Crowdfunding Portal

AgarFund is an online Crowdfunding  portal which is a first of its kind in Ethiopia where individuals, startups and charities with causes and projects can easily raise funds.  By using this portal, Charities, Religious organizations, Startup and entrepreneurs, Education support, sport clubs and projects and other change makers can ensure their big dreams come true, by enlisting the help of people all over the world.

Our History and Mission

 Founded in 2019, our mission is to be the number one portal for Crowdfunding  in Ethiopia, where Ethiopian Community, Ethiopian Diaspora and community or people with Ethiopian descent and affiliation, can collectively help to change lives through online fundraising for projects and charitable causes.


“One’s surplus is other’s dream.”


Meet Our super Heros

We Build Digital Products With Love & We Do It With Passion!

Yhenew Addis

CEO and Co-founder

Wendwesen Endale


Hilina Mulatu